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Short Term Rental Cleaning Companies Poconos

As short-term rental and Airbnb guests expect nothing but clean and fresh-smelling properties, more and more property managers are turning to short term rental companies in Poconos to help meet guests' expectations.

One of the most difficult tasks for rental managers is maintaining the property's cleanliness, especially when they have to turn it in for the next guest in a few hours.

Fortunately, you don't have to do it alone. Automate your cleaning by getting rental properties cleaning service from a reliable company.

Now, you've shortlisted some short term rental cleaning companies in Poconos, PA. How do you select the best?


Experience is crucial when hiring a cleaning company for your short-term property. That's because, in the short-term rental industry, last-minute bookings are pretty frequent.

Also, you may have a guest checking in soon after another guest checks out. Hiring a company with deep experience in rental property cleaning service gives you the confidence that they'll be able to do a thorough job even in tight deadlines.

Cleaning Packages

Most short term rental cleaning companies in Poconos offer different packages. You often see packages like "Basic" and "Deep Clean" at different prices.

Before hiring, you want to know what each package offers so you can select the one that keeps your property clean every time. It's an excellent idea to include a monthly deep cleaning service to cover out-of-sight areas.


The rental cleaning company you're hiring has to have excellent communication service. You'll probably not be around during cleaning and want to ensure a room is ready before a guest checks in.

You can check how fast a company responds by contacting them through their communication channels before hiring.

Impromptu Cleaning

You never know; there may be last-minute check-ins you didn't plan for and might need to get the apartment ready. If the cleaning company doesn't provide emergency rental properties cleaning services or requires you to notify them days before, you want to look elsewhere.

Check for short term rental cleaning companies in Poconos that'll assist with last-minute requests. However, you may have to pay an extra charge.

Cleaning Supplies

While most cleaning companies will get your property looking clean and tidy, only a few will get the job done using eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Ask the cleaning companies on your shortlist which supplies they use before hiring.

Benefits of Rental Properties Cleaning Services By Relaxed Concierge

  • We are a local business and have been in the vacation rental business for years.

  • We offer very reliable services at very competitive pricing.

  • Our rental properties cleaning services can be customized to meet your unique needs.

  • Our in-house cleaners are vetted, screened, and trained. They all have liability insurance.

  • In addition to cleaning, we also offer property management, linen rental, and other services.

With Relaxed Concierge, you can automate your cleaning task and focus on getting more rental bookings! We'll help you keep your rental property clean and beautiful even when you have consecutive bookings.


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