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5 Important House Cleaning Tips In Preparation for Spring

With the coming of the sunny, warm spring, you're probably inclined to do much-needed spring cleaning. The key to enjoying the sunny warmth is getting your home in order and cleaning up much of the latent garbage from the winter months.

If you're tired of winter's stale chill and are looking to usher in the spring months comfortably, you need to go about spring cleaning the correct way.

Whether you're in your house or away camping, here are some Poconos house cleaning tips to set you on your way to finding the best, true home comforts.

1. Store the right items

The change of the seasons is more than a mere transition from one weather condition to another. It also indicates a shift in priorities. For instance, there's the need to change the position of items within the living space and plan storage in homes.

When cleaning for the immediate post-winter period, it's ideal to check for old clothes, reexamine interior decor, and other items. With keen eyes, decide on which ones stay and which ones go.

Winter decorations can enter storage if they're durable enough. Winter clothes, shovels, sleds, and other equipment can also be stored.

Also, you should check for damaged equipment and decide whether to trash or salvage it.

2. Don't neglect your windows

When you have streaks and smears on your windows, it's time to clean them. Anyone can see the marks clearly in the spring and summer sunshine, and it's not very nice to look at.

The exterior could be slightly less dirty than the interior. So, ensure to clean the insides of the glass to have the sunshine filter in unhindered.

You could also clean non-window installations and equipment like cabinets and mirrors for glass materials.

3. Reconfigure your patio

The patio is an integral part of the hardscape, as it offers you unique outdoor comforts. In the winter, outdoor furniture had to be moved in for the winter season. Now, with the receding blizzards, you're more inclined to bring them out.

It'll not just help restore things to normal; you can save indoor storage space too by decluttering your living space.

Also, you should check the deck to see whether weather elements have eaten into the material, thus needing painting and sealing.

Of course, before installing furniture, you'll have to sweep the patio grounds and check around for pest incursions. Brush away all debris, wasp nests, and cobwebs.

4. Clean the floor

Depending on the kind of floor covering material in your home, you'll have to carry out certain rejuvenation operations for your floor.

After the difficulty and harshness of the winter months, you need to give extra attention to the floors.

You can sweep, mop, or vacuum the floors. If you require deep cleaning services, you can acquire the services of experts at Relaxed Concierge.

5. Declutter your garage

Springtime is the best time to take out much of the junk you accumulated in the winter.

With garages being used often as makeshift stores, you want to make sure that everything is useful and not just occupying space.

Get professional Poconos house cleaning today

If your home can do with specialized cleaning services, Relaxed Concierge provides Poconos house cleaning and rental services to ensure that your home is spick and span. Contact us today, and let's hear how we can help.


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