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About Relaxed Concierge,
The Pocono's Premier Concierge

We started as a cleaning business but soon recognized we had an opportunity to further service our customers. They would often forget important things or wanted something not available to meet the moments being made.

This is why we decided to start Relaxed Concierge and expand our services. We offer linens, groceries and other necessities that lend more to a better getaway that is Relaxed as possible.

Forgot your morning breakfast griddle or want a great coffee maker? We can supply Keurig and Nespresso Espresso and standard coffee makers. Extra friends show up and need more linens and towels or even a bulky Pack-n-Play or toys that was left behind for the kids? That's okay, don't worry we have it covered and we will supply those things for you! No running around to the store trying to find what you need. Relaxed Concierge will deliver it right to you.

We can also fill your outdoor needs like Kayaks and rafts that couldn’t be packed on a roof, or firewood and Smores for the evening get together around a campfire. How about the self time away for some fishing, Relaxed Concierge will supply you with the fishing rod and bait.  We can assist in supply that great story for the nights campfire about the one that was just cooked up or the one that got away.

The Pocono's Best 
Concierge Services

Don't Wait Any Longer, Contact Relaxed Concierge

Our family has been in the vacation rental business for over 15 years and we consider our customers part of that family! Give us a try, we will go above and beyond to make sure you have the perfect vacation just like we've been doing for 15+ years.

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