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Linen Rentals Poconos

More than anywhere else, first impressions matter in the hospitality industry. And clean, spotless linens that smell nice are a massive part of it. Whether you own a guest house, beachfront condo, hotel, or resort, the last thing guests expect to find is dirty, foul-smelling bed sheets and towels.

When you need linen rentals Poconos that set the standard for the rest, turn to us at Relaxed Concierge. We offer convenient, reliable, and efficient service, delivering clean, allergen-free, fragranced, and professionally laundered linens to your vacation homes and short rentals. Leave the linen to us, and let’s make you shine!

Why Relaxed Concierge?

We are a family-owned and operated linen rental company with years of experience providing premium services for clients in the hospitality industry. Our dedication to providing top-quality service is unmatched. With Relaxed Concierge, you won’t have to worry about torn, dirty, or missing linens. Your guests won’t have to be concerned about the cleanliness of linens during their entire stay. With us, you can count on customer satisfaction and 5-star reviews.

Take Your Pick

Relaxed Concierge provides clean, crisp linens for vacation and residential properties. Pick from an extensive array of durable and stylish linen. Our linens come in various colors, styles, and types to meet all your needs.

  • Hospitality & lodging linens

  • Tablecloths

  • Towels & washcloths for hospitality

  • Utility towels

  • table linens

  • Napkins

  • Food & beverage linens

  • Service linens

  • Bed linens

Fresh Clean Linens For All!

Whether you’re a homeowner or own a vacation house, leave the linens to us while you focus on making more money!


Whether you’re renting out a room or two to short-term guests, you want to offer your guest the best. We’ll provide clean, fresh, and quality linens that make your guests want to come back.


Going on vacation anytime soon? Avoid the additional hassle of packing and washing linens. Our linen rentals Poconos ensure that you don’t have to worry whenever you’re on vacation. We supply you with clean linen every time.


Whether you’re camping out in a tent or trailer, alone or with other families, you don’t have to go through the hassle of packing and cleaning linens. Our fresh linen ensures you’re comfortable throughout your camping.


Operate an Airbnb or other rental service? You don’t want your linen earning you bad reviews that dent your exceptional service. Let’s supply your linens while you focus on the business aspect.

Universities and Colleges

Whether it’s the East Stroudsburg University or other universities and colleges in the Poconos region, we can provide clean, spotless, and fragranced linens to all your halls of residence.

Fresh Linens Today, Every Time

Get top-quality bed linens and towels delivered right to your Airbnb and other rentals today.

We can deliver a daily batch of linen or have it delivered to your property every two or three days. Whatever your needs are, rest assured that guests will have clean, fresh linens at their fingertips. It’s a Relaxed Concierge thing.


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