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Tips for Keeping Your Rental Clean

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Often, renting out your property to the right tenants can be a tad bit tricky. Legally, your tenants have the right to a habitable and suitable living environment. On the other hand, landlords have to deal with different kinds of tenants, including those whose version of neat is different from the landlords’.

Even though tenants are expected to maintain and clean the property, the extent to which this must occur is not specified by law, leaving it a very grey area. Here are some tips for maintaining cleanliness in your rental.

#1. Watch out for plumbing leaks

This is one of the most basic issues, whose effects are very damaging. In addition, fixing plumbing issues can be very expensive. If you want to keep your rental in good shape for more tenants or charge more money for rent, then you should check the plumbing as regularly as possible.

#2. Conduct maintenance checks regularly

One of the most important facets of keeping your rental tidy is to ensure good maintenance practice. You do not have to wait until pipes start leaking and wires start hanging dangerously out of alignment before you conduct a maintenance check.

You can schedule a monthly check and make a note of key areas to examine.

#3. Include regular cleaning in the lease

Legally speaking, this is a wise option, as it ensures that your tenants will keep to certain standards with cleaning.

You can specify by including a clause in the agreement, such as: ‘The Tenant shall ensure the well-being and maintenance of the premises, within and without….’

Even better, you can further specify the parts of the premises that should be cleaned regularly. You can also add incentives in the form of fines if the rules are not adhered to.

In addition, you should ensure that your local laws allow for special clauses in the lease agreement, so check before finalizing.

#4. Schedule property inspections

You will better monitor the state of cleanliness if you regularly visit your property. If you stay far away from the rental, this could be difficult. In that case, you can visit at least monthly or quarterly.

This way, it will be easy to monitor degradation as they happen and resolve them as they arise. You can also include a clause in the lease allowing you the right to enter the property upon a 24-hour notice.

#5. Use the appropriate solvents for the appropriate stains

The kind of solvent you apply is determined by the type of stain and the type of stained material.

For mildew in damp spaces like bathrooms, liquid bleach is ideal for removing stains. When the stain is rust, liquid bleach will not suffice. You will have to use a special rust remover to eliminate the stain.

You should use a disinfectant cleaner for the more stubborn stains and buildups of soap puds/films. Apply it for a few minutes, then scour or rub the surface.

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